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Harry is a skinfade specialist. Superb customer service. 

Jimmy in Action.

Recommend Jimmy for skinfade haircut & all Shaving/skincare services. Check out all of jimmy services on website. 

Haircut, wash & style.

Hairwash and styling is included in every haircut or skinfade price. 
Waxing nose & ears. 
Eyebrow tidy. 
Ask barber In store.

PPE worn by barbers.

We rate ourselves on being to the highest standard of cleanliness and professionalism.

PPE worn by barbers, masks provided for clients  .

Add on facial to any service.

Recommending Lauren & Jimmy. 

Lauren in action.

Superb customer service & skill, Lauren has over 10 years experience in hairdressing & barbering skills. 

Skin-fade superb.

All our barbers are specialists in the skinfade haircut, 

My first haircut certificates.

Ask barber for more details. Making it a truly special occasion. Recommending Lauren, Harry & Aden.

Mid-Fade haircut.

Skinfade haircut to the highest standard.

Jimmy, Harry & Aden are recommenced for this haircut. 

Beard shape up.

Beard sculpt service includes hot lemon towels. Skin-scrub can be added to service.

Shave experience.

Recommending Lauren, Jimmy & Harry for those service. 

Young Gents.

We value our younger clients. Hair wash available on request. We always style the hair and products recommended. Under 12s are discounted. 


Recommending Jimmy & Harry.

Custom made Acyrlic Screens in store.

Keeping our clients and barbers safe.

Following strict covid guidelines. 


Recommending Jimmy & Harry.


Recommending Jimmy & Harry.

Haircut & shave.

Our most popular service with Jimmy the barber. 

Eye mask-ear wax.

We often use an eye mask while shaving. This unblocks pores and tightens skin. A skinscrub and hot lemon towels are also used. Waxing included on ears. 
This service is always used by jimmy & Lauren the barbers. 


Facial available.

Add on skinscrub to any service during the booking process. Recommending JIMMY & LAUREN.

Steam Shave.

We often a steamer to shave and for skincare services. Steamer can also be requested. Recommending LAUREN. 

Moustache special.

Recommending JIMMY & HARRY.

Black-head remover.

Request this service to your barber included as part of the skin-scrub service. 

Remove dead skin.

We use a variety of skinscrubs ask In store for more details. Hot towels used and moisturiser used as part of head and face massage.

Barbershop products.



Lauren in Action.

Superb customer service. Over 10 years experience. Lauren is superb.

Low skin-fade

Perfect for all ages. 
Recommeding Jimmy & Harry. 

Tapered down haircut.

Hair by Jimmy.


Hair wash, hair styled. Eyebrow tidy, waxing on nose & ears available. 

Another happy customer.

Hair by Aden.


Add on a skin scrub to any haircut or skinfade. 
Skinscrub are included in all beard services and shaves. 

Hot-Lemon Towels.

Hot lemon towels used in all shaving & beard services a truly relaxing experience. 

Best quality products used.

Italian cologne.

Aftershave or lemon always used after every service. 



Hot lemon towels.

Available with every service.

Eye mask-shave service.

Tightens skin. Unblocks pores. Available on request with every service.

Haircut,Wash & Style.

Hair by Jimmy- Hot towel available with this service. Eyebrow tidy and waxing on nose & ears included.

Scissor cut.

Jimmy does a superb all over scissor cut.


Harry is a skinfade specialist. Superb customer service. 

Freshen up.

We like our clients to feel fresh thats why we offer hair washing, face rinsing and hot towels to ensure the ultimate service. 

- About us -


Extremely Talented Barber . 

Skin-Fade Excellent. 

Very Experienced . 

Superb Customer service . 

Great Clipper and Scissor Work . 

Specialize In Skin-Fade Haircut , 

Shaving / Beard Sculpt / Haircuts/ Waxing Nose and Ears . 

Works - Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Saturday.


Lauren is a superb barber. 

Friendly and professional. 

Very naturally skilled.

15 years experience and very knowledgeable in barbering and all aspects of hairdressing. 

A superb scissor cut, great for slightly longer styles and for older Gents and younger children. 

Excellent Hair cutting skills. 

With many years of experience there is no aspect of barbering that phases Lauren.

Guaranted an excellent service and haircut. 

Full clean shaves - using hot lemon towels - steamer - cutthroat razor - use of oil or soap - creams & colognes used - cold towel at end of service. 

Beard sculpt - using clipper and scissors. Hot lemon used. Use of steamer if wet shaving required. 

Skin Care for men fully qualified in all male  grooming face care, can be added as an extra onto the service required when online booking £8.50 onto any haircut. However skincare is included is full clean shave. 

Skin scrubs - clay masks - face & head massage - eyebrow tidy - waxing. 


Works- Tuesday - Friday - Sunday.



Jimmy is absolutely one of the skilled and experienced barbers around. Only the best for the Gentry. We absolutely recommend trying a shaving experience with Jimmy. Really is one of his speciality's. He has 15 years experience.

SKINFADE are superb. 
10/10 feedback from our clients.

Professional outstanding customer service. 

HOT TOWEL SPECIALIST  - Steam Shaves - cutthroat shaves - Headshaves - Beard Sculpts - Beard shape up and much more. 


Lemon hot towels 2-3. Steamer used Combined with shave oil or soap. Cutthroat blade used. 
Male Grooming - Skincare - Skinscrubs - clay masks- blackhead removel - (Skinscrubs & claymasks removes dead skin leaves skin looking radiant ) Cold towel at end of shave. Aftershave used and head and face massage.A truly amazing Gentry experience. 

EYEBROW THREADING - waxing nose - ears - eyebrows. 


SKINFADE SPECIALIST. Any skinfade - lowfade- highfade- Midfade. Jimmy will recommend suitable style to suit Headshape. 

HAIRCUTS to an absolute perfect standard with use of scissors and clippers. Always full consultation given.

Any Haircut or skinfade service a SKIN SCRUB can be added onto when booking online- £8.50. 

BEARD SCULPT with use of clippers and scissors to sculpt and contour the face. Advice given after full consultation. Lemon Hot towels included - Beard oils - cologne used - styling. 

Hairwash added if requested. No problem. 
Hot towel included in price of every haircut if requested - eyebrows - waxing all included. 

Wednesday- Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday.


Harry offers very good service Gentry style. 

Very naturally skilled and creative.

Most popular service with Harry is Haircut / Skinfade & Hairwash.

Hot towel offferd all shave services. 

Harry SKINFADES🌟 are to absolute perfection ⭐️

Scissor work to very good standard.

Customer service is very good. 

Shorter or longer Beard style. 

Full clean shave is to very good standard. 
Hot towels offered. Gentry Style. 

Eyebrow tidy offered on all services. 
Hairwash included in price. 





The Gentry - Streetly Village, Sutton Coldfield

The Gentry Barber Club. 2 Burnett road

Little Aston

Sutton Coldfield

B74 3EJ




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